The respect of the environment is a prerequisite in order to produce the Seven Olea olive oil, which is unique regarding its nutritional characteristics as it is known for its health benefits to humans.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced under strict rules of organic cultivation. Our olive oil is annually checked by the TUV Austria. We strongly believe that keeping our trees in great condition, we ensure that our olive oil is the best among its competitors. Nature has the main role and our team has decided to enhance the mechanisms of nature in order to protect our crop from any fruit fly that could jeopardize our quality.


Our vision is to satisfy not only the locals but the global market and convince consumers that the best product for their everyday food is Seven Olea. We want our olive oil to be chosen by well-known restaurants, luxurious hotels, and organic shops that support a healthy diet.


The family business Seven Olea produces extra virgin olive oil with medical characteristics satisfying even the most demanding consumers around the world. We are able to offer an olive oil of excellent taste and aroma since the farmer and the founder of the business has the control of the whole production chain. In that way, we are committed to our customers that our olive oil will be of great taste.