Olive Grove

The family business, under the guidance of the owner and farmer Manos Kokkinelis, follows basic principles divided into two categories. Those that are related to the orchard and the ones which affect the final product. It should be noted though, that the cultivation process assures that the Seven Olea olive oil is unique. This means that high phenolic preserve taste, aroma and the beneficial substances for humans. 

The olive grove is not plowed, but we cut the weeds using a grass trimmer. Pruning is another way to shatter peduncles and make enough compost for our olive trees. At the same time, every other year we integrate manure in order to strengthen our soil. 


It’s important to note that we have added zeolite to our trees, something that protects our soil and preserves moisture. In addition, we have the best olive oil because we do not use insecticides. However, we spray our orchard with zeolite, a natural mineral, that among all it creates a thin layer around the fruit and keeps away the fruit flies. 

Furthermore, we enhance nature’s mechanisms by producing effective microorganisms. The dilution is used to spray our trees during the year without using chemical solutions. This choice is the proof that we produce an olive oil of premium taste and aroma.

The second category includes the procedure between the crop collection and the standardization of our olive oil. We start harvesting in the mid November and always according to the weather conditions considering that any mistake might damage our trees. Our special sacks are manufactured in a way that allow drainage, keeping a low temperature inside the sacks on days that it is hot. We load and unload our olives very carefully and even before the oil press we have already informed the personnel about the quality of the olive oil we produce so as to be extremely careful. 


One of our main goals is to minimize the time gap between the crop collection and the olive oil production. Within a day and in communication with the oil press owner we have milled our olives. During our presence in the oil press we demand from the supervisor to maintain a low temperature not above the 30 degrees of Celsius. In tandem with the temperature we also request that the processing time of the olive oil crust should not exceed 40 minutes. 

Last but not least, the Seven Olea olive oil is transferred from the oil press to our warehouse in rustproof containers in order to protect our product from plastics. Finally, we filter our olive oil before we decant it in our rustproof tanks. 

Generally, our goal is to support the health of our trees and preserve a imperishable quality of our olive oil. In that way, Seven Olea is the extra virgin olive oil with a health claim that accompanies your daily meals fortifying your organism.