Seven Olea

The family business Seven Olea was found in October 2013. The main goal is the continuous production of olive oil with medical characteristics. Our orchards are in Arkalochori, the Municipality of Minoan Pediadas, 30 km far from Heraklion of Crete, Hellas. 

In order to achieve the premium quality of our extra virgin organic olive oil, we follow the below principles. 

  • It is forbidden any use of insecticide even biological.
  • Start harvesting at the beginning of November.
  • Immediate process of the fruit in the oil-mill after collection.
  • Temperature processing between 28 to 30 degrees of Celsius.
  • Duration of processing in the oil mill from 30 to 40 minutes. 

Our Business 

The brand name of our olive oil was an idea of the founder after the Seven Country Study about the Mediterranean Diet and the positive impact of Olive Oil on our everyday life. This study included Hellas, U.S.A., Italy, Serbia, Japan, Netherlands and Finland. The main purpose of this project was to reveal that our diet plays a vital role in our health. The American cardiologist Ancel Keys discovered that the group from the Minoan Pediadas lived longer than the others because they followed a diet based on olive oil. 

Our Vision

We produce an excellent product with medical characteristics. We want Seven Olea to become the first ingredient in cooking for every family not only in Greece, but in the european market. 

Our Mission Statement

We dispose extra virgin organic olive oil with medical properties. Seven Olea is sold not only in the Greek market, but also in Europe. The continuous improvement of the product satisfies even the most demanding needs of our customers. It helps our body to be strong and healthy since it is produced under strict quality criteria.